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As a corporate videographer, providing exceptional service is at the core of what I do. My mission is to capture your events and create compelling promotional videos and reels that showcase your business in the best light possible.



Capturing events is an art that requires both technical skill and a keen eye for detail. I understand that corporate events are often pivotal moments for your business, whether it’s a product launch, a conference, or a team-building retreat. I ensure that every moment is captured with precision and professionalism, ensuring that the essence and significance of the event shine through in the final product.


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promotional videos and reels

Promotional videos are powerful tools in today’s digital age. They have the potential to reach a vast audience and leave a lasting impression. I work closely with you to understand your brand, your goals, and your target audience. This deep understanding allows me to create promotional videos that not only look visually stunning but also effectively convey your message, helping you achieve your marketing objectives.

Reels have become increasingly popular on social media platforms, and I recognise their potential for businesses. I craft engaging and concise reels that capture the essence of your brand, product, or service. Whether it’s a quick showcase of your latest products or a behind-the-scenes look at your team, I ensure that your reels are attention-grabbing and shareable.

My commitment to excellence extends beyond just filming and editing. I work collaboratively with you to conceptualise ideas, plan shoots, and execute projects efficiently. I understand that your time is valuable, and I strive to deliver the final product promptly without compromising on quality.

In the world of corporate videography, it’s not just about recording images; it’s about telling a compelling story. My dedication to providing outstanding service, capturing events beautifully, and creating impactful promotional videos and reels is geared towards helping your business succeed in a visually-driven market. With my expertise, your business’s story will come to life on screen, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

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Latest Personal Branding and Headshot Sessions

Own Hair/MakeUp completed prior. Session includes: Outfit Styling + Photo Session

$ $400
  • Arrive 8.15am Own Hair/Makeup / 8.45am Photo Session

Professional Hair/MakeUp + Outfit Styling + Photo Session

$ $540
  • Arrive 8.15am for Professional Hair/Makeup / 9.45am Photo Session

Professional Hair/MakeUp + Outfit Styling + Photo Session

$ $540
  • Arrive 9.15am for Professional Hair/Makeup / 10.45am Photo Session

Professional Hair/MakeUp + Outfit Styling + Photo Session

$ $540
  • Arrive 10.15am for Professional Hair/Makeup / 11.30am Photo Session


What will happen on the day?

If you have opted to have your hair and makeup done, arrive an hour and a half before your session. Then our fashion stylist Victoria will discuss your two outfits choices and style you in the first selection. Victoria will also discuss the format of the session and get you feeling photo ready and confident.

What is your approach during the session?

We strive for a friendly and body positive environment. Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so your confidence oozes. We also think we’re both pretty funny so there will be smiles and laughs all round.

When do I get my photos?

A link to your gallery will be emailed to you within 2 weeks. 

How many photos do I get?

Your gallery will contain 10 final images.

Do you photoshop the images?

Our goal is to promote and celebrate a diverse range of body types and appearances through images that are real and untouched.  While we might tweak lighting or fix the exposure on our shots, we don’t use Photoshop or retouching on our models’ body, skin, or face. As a general rule, however, any non-permanent blemishes will be removed (e.g. pimples, bruises, rashes, marks on clothing). We believe every shape and size deserves to be celebrated and accepted.



Session Information

Sunday 14 November 2021
The Nook Gallery, 18 Progress Street, Mornington, VIC. 

Bring two different outfits and some accessories,
as well as any props / products that are relevant to your business.

Our Headshot & Branding sessions now include the help of the very cool and on-trend fashion stylist Victoria Martin Gardner from VMG Styling, a 30 minute photography session, and the optional choice of hair and makeup.

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